Planets on the South Node

This is an incredibly common occurrence. Many of us have this. However it’s not a straight forward situation. Any planet on the south node means this is being carried over from the past. But the question is “why? And what are were supposed to DO about it now?” Planets on the south node are a powerful statement about soul intention in this lifetime, and there is great wisdom in unraveling it’s meaning and cooperating with its evolutionary requirements.

In this class Ari teaches the meaning and karmic implications of this configuration and shares a few charts examples of well known people. Originally taught as a live class in Sept 2020. Run time 1 hour 25 minutes.

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Ari Moshe Wolfe
Ari Moshe Wolfe

Ari Moshe is a teacher, astrologer, intuitive guide, father and musician. His devotion in life is to share harmony and forgiveness to support us all in living clear, wholesome lives with soul-awareness. Ari is trained in Evolutionary Astrology as taught by Jeffrey Wolf Green and has been teaching and counselig for many years. He wrote the forward to Green's Pluto book when it was republished in 2011 and wrote his own beginners guide that same year. Ari's astrological work has its roots in the EA lineage with its branches extended to express his own authentic and ongoing realization of truth. Ari calls his music Devotional Love Music and in 2019 birthed his first studio album "Freedom Is My Holy Name". www.arimoshe.com

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